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I recognize you are using Jython 2.7.0. There were various issues regarding hanging, deadlocks and synchonization fixed since 2.7.0:
#2230 #2487 #2457 #2452. Relating to script engine, there is also this concurrency issue (still open): #2642.
So, it would be ideal if you could check if this issue still occurs with 2.7.1 or even better with current master.
Given the manifold changes since 2.7.0 it is well possible that it was fixed as a side-effect of something.

If you can reproduce it with current Jython, please provide the new jstack output because it will be convenient to have the current line numbers.

Then, some instructions for reproducing would be crucial to continue here.

What Java version and platform are you using? (sorry if that's somewhere in the jstack output; I couldn't spot it there)
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