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2532 35 months ago JVM memory settings are ignored on GNU/Linux by cpython launch script open stuckyb
2572 35 months ago Network-related tests failing on build bots open jeff.allen
2285 37 months ago _strptime broken with non-English locales open Arfrever
2526 40 months ago Jython (standalone) fails to initialize certain os modules if the directory does not exist or isn't permissioned properly open teeohhem
2518 42 months ago Multiple failures in test_xml_etree_jy open jeff.allen
2509 42 months ago Demo/modjy_webapp is not working when deployed to Weblogic 12c [Syntax error] open ram4444
2473 47 months ago .py file size on jython 2.5.2 open rpasup
2482 48 months ago Publish U.S. ECCN for Jython open chrislott
2468 48 months ago Subtype erasure using JSR223 ScriptEngine.eval() open schluehk
2395 49 months ago Parser bug with unparenthesized genexp with star-args open ztane
2459 49 months ago Triple quotes are not parsed properly by the console open jsaiz
2378 49 months ago Current docs aren't. open tchaypo
2186 50 months ago Windows installation docs should mention possibility of adding Jython bin to PATH open cmbannan
2444 50 months ago Issue on type coercion between bytes/char/string/int (Bytes class) open lsenta
2379 54 months ago Wiki out-of-date wrt current version open tchaypo
2361 57 months ago Performance benchmarks open zyasoft
2359 57 months ago Many Java-defined functions do not accept keyword arguments open jdemoor
2339 58 months ago JSR223: NullPointerException in Eclipse following wiki instructions open eaaltonen
2344 58 months ago `jython` start-up script not anymore directly under installation directory open pekka.klarck
2342 58 months ago Raw strings get different exception for lone surrogates open gsnedders
2222 58 months ago java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException open nullquery
2316 59 months ago test_tarfile file-mode failures on Windows open jeff.allen
1814 62 months ago Document an upgrade path for users of PyJavaInstance open amak
1646 62 months ago Proxy getInterface not change for more PyObject open denis.rangel
2106 62 months ago InteractiveInterpreter.runsource doesn't accept 'exec' as symbol parameter open traff
2211 65 months ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing 9-15 open kanglecjr
1659 65 months ago callproc() always returns "no results" with Sybase ASE 12.5.4 open a_mehlig
2210 66 months ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing-9-10 open kanglecjr
2858 2 weeks ago test_ssl failure due to embedding Bouncy Castle JAR open jeff.allen
2738 4 months ago Looking again at benchmarks open sergei175
2512 22 months ago Values in built-in modules's __dict__ are “<reflected field public …>” instead of the actual values open progval
2433 22 months ago zlib decompressobj index error when using negative wbits open lukasa
1442 23 months ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm
2288 23 months ago Sphinx 1.3 test suite uncovers various compatibility bugs open Arfrever
2290 23 months ago Setting of attributes of sys module raises internal exceptions in case of some attributes open Arfrever
2429 23 months ago cStringIO does not work with mutable objects implementing the buffer protocol open pekka.klarck
2657 23 months ago Update Maven Repo with 2.7.1 release open weberw
2382 23 months ago BigInteger becomes long in Jython 2.7 open kaneg
1861 23 months ago Triage FIXME skips/other changes in regrtest specific to Jython open fwierzbicki
2029 23 months ago The codeop.Compile class does not expose compiler flags as expected open seletz
2035 23 months ago should raise TypeError open cht
2039 23 months ago __future__.unicode_literals doesn't affect eval open gsnedders
2185 23 months ago not included in Jython open fwierzbicki
2406 23 months ago socket.IPV6_V6ONLY is missing from Jython 2.7 open
2517 35 months ago Showers of stack dumps from netty finalization open jeff.allen
2148 48 months ago Support a complete implementation of ctypes via JyNI open zyasoft
1815 58 months ago should mention the other licenses open cxbrooks
2862 5 hours ago Jython fails on Linux for normal user when installed by root open r_walter
2860 1 week ago from some_java_lib import * does not import all names open gbach
2810 2 weeks ago NoSuchMethodError in test_jython_initializer Java 10+ pending adamburke
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